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Search and Book Exam Venues across India with ease

Aptitude Coding Test

Assess Candidates


Virtual Interview

Webcam Capture

IP Tracking


Admin Portal

  • Supports all Question Type & 21 Types of Detailed Analysis
  • HTML 5 Player to carry test even during internet disruption
  • Supports Symbols, graphs, equation, tables, graphs, instructions & solutions
  • Engine for Aptitude, Psychometric and Coding Tests
  • Simulated interface for CAT, GRE, GMAT, JEE, Bank, SSC, GATE, CET, CMAT.

Dashboard & Analytics

Detail Performance Report covering 21 type of Analytics


Admin Portal

  • Create question paper from simple word document & upload in testing portal
  • Unlimited question upload & students taking test
  • Forum & notification options to stay connected with students
  • Proctored Test to conduct all India exams
  • Publish toppers, roll of honor, percentile etc.

Simulated Tests

CAT, Bank Po, Gre, Gmat,etc – We make your students feel at home while taking their actual exam. Our simulated platform makes them super comfortable and aware of the actual test structure so that they won’t have to deal with any last minute surprises.

Performance Report

We understand Data is an invaluable resource! Get clarity on factors driving/hampering your students performance across sections,topics,areas,difficulty levels, questions & average time a student takes to answer a question. Use these granular analytics to leverage your student quality.

Overall Report

Learning curve is an ever evolving one. We help your students review and track their overall performance across their course duration & tests. Helps them to know if their scores are improving or declining.


This generation of students love to multitask quickly and effectively. We let our app be as smart as they are - Bookmark questions, filter questions across tests and topics (All/Correct/Wrong/Skipped) and view detailed explanations for the questions and understand where they have gone wrong. We call this effective & efficient revision!


You’ve read something in the newspaper/magazine. You find it very informative, you want your students to read it as well. What do you do? News module lets you to update and structure all your informative articles in one place. Now you don’t have to feel the guilt of not sharing.

Daily Updates

Post announcements about batch schedules / class timings / Leadership stats, etc. across your centers and various batches.


“Campus 360” lets you to effectively communicate effectively across students / admins of various centres and batches. Email/SMS anything you wish to convey. Oh, and did we mention we also log the details for your reference and to resend if necessary.


We believe every assessment starts with learning. Without learning assessments do not mean anything. Lessons are a prerequisite. We let you upload fun learning videos,PPT’S,PDF’S,Audio files and anything in HTML. Go on, get busy hitting the upload button.


Import bulk enquires, assign follow-up counsellors, view detailed analytics and uber cool charts like Enquiries by date, Enquiries by Admin, Enquiries by Source, Enquiries by Center ,Most enquired Product, etc.


Import bulk enrolments, track direct enrolments, conversions from enquires, revenue generated. Enrol students to a product, transfer students across centers/batches, update student details etc here.


Track and view collection by date, across products, instalment details and your outstanding amount across centers. Ok these are the bare minimum, we also let you access your waivers / discounts and their usage across centers and products.


Create design & manage campaigns with creative landing pages. Capture important information about the student in the registration page and use them to follow-up and convert as enrolled student of your center.

Proctored Tests

Delivering quality online assessments is our forte, advanced web proctoring tools like web cam capture and keyboard lockdown ensures the test taker is authentic and the reports are valid.

Mobile App

The name “Campus 360” is there for a cause, we wanted everything (LMS, Mobile App, CRM) tightly integrated and seamlessly working together like a symphony. Our mobile app contains an advanced LMS which is nicely backed by Blogs, Notifications, Question of the day and other important features like feedback for faculty.


Design / Manage your courseware. Create a complete course structure right from the lessons to the assessments.


Create / Manage products under your courseware. The products are the end deliverables to the students.


Automation is the name of the game, gone are the days when we had to use Excel to schedule classes and track faculty information. Create, schedule and manage all your batches with a simple user interface. Assign faculties to batches and track syllabus completions across batches.


Sell your test series online, with everything from vegetables to footwear available online. It is only fair on the student’s part to expect your test series online. Gear Up!

Social Media Integration

Increase awareness of your test series, share posts, videos, photos & include social login. For a fact, 73% of users prefer to log in to a site with social login, as opposed to providing an email address and creating a new account

Live Class

Deliver live interactive web sessions. Be in complete control – Enable/Disable recording, Enable/Disable Chat sessions.

Center Admin Portal

Track overall progress across your center – like total enrolments/enquiries, total revenue generated, total outstanding , faculty ratings etc.

Our association with BV has been really fruitful with high levels of service and capabilities demonstrated by BV.


It’s a great pleasure of working with your team of Brainvalley solutions. I must tell you that the team you have is the best.


Quizky has proved to be an excellent one-stop solution for test delivery across all our products.



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